Sherri Scott

Positively Reloaded

Welcome  to the World of Pearls!

A little about the author...

Sherri Scott is a first time novelist and single mother of one. Somewhere in the middle of raising her daughter, Taelor, working full-time, and pursuing her masters degree, she found the time to write Never Cast Your Pearls, a delightful novella packed with compelling lessons about love, friendship, and faith.


On top of her roles as mother, student, and author, Sherri is a budding social entrepreneur. Her program, Living Pearls, a rites of passage program, was completed in the summer of 2012 to rave reviews from both parents and teen participants. The program was thoughtfully designed to help young ladies transition into adulthood successfully.


Sherri holds a bachelors degree in Counseling and Behavioral Sciences and since completing her Masters in Human Services, put them both to good use by launching Never Cast Your Pearls Ministries,  a teen advocacy organization in the spring of 2014.