Sherri L. Scott

Life Incorporated, Life Yielded

In 2013, I was celebrated as a first time novelist. Somewhere in the middle of raising my daughter, Taelor, working full-time, and pursuing my education, I found time to write Never Cast Your Pearls, a delightful novella for teens, packed with compelling lessons about love, friendship, and faith. Earlier this year, I added Dapper Dave, a children's book series to my repertoire and will release Choose Life, a self-advocacy workbook in 2016 and And Goodness and Mercy Shall Follow, an angelic story of tragedy and triumph in 2017.

I'm credentialed in Education, Counseling and Behavioral Sciences and Human Services and with the help of friends and family, have put them to good use with creative initiatives addressing a broad spectrum of community needs. I strongly believe that each of us was put here to do what we can to help others. 

Be sure to look for regular updates on all things Sherri from my newly added blog and web show, Always, Sherri.

Thank you so much for stopping by. It means more than you know.

Sherri Scott